Chill Sloth Sterling Silver Pendant
Chill Sloth Sterling Silver Pendant
Chill Sloth Sterling Silver Pendant

Chill Sloth Sterling Silver Pendant

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So I know the whole idea of a spirit animal is a little out there for some people. Some really hippy-dippy woo-woo stuff, right? But having an animal "guide" to anchor to can create powerful shifts in perspective and mindset.

I was rather shocked to discover that my spirit animal is Sloth. A friend of mine does shamanic journies to find your spirit animal (Wait!  Wait, hear me out!) 

This was the note she sent me with the message from Sloth:

"I did a journey for you and set the intention to bring forward an animal spirit that would like to work with you now. I was led through the forest by a butterfly (she seemed significant for you too) and was approached by several animals.  Much to my surprise, sloth jumped into my arms for you and was very adamant that he was the one.  I asked him for a message for you and he said

"Be slow about things.  Take your time"

He tapped me on the forehead when he said it, so I got the impression he was referring to thoughts"

This message hit me straight to the core.  As someone who has struggled with anxiety, someone who gets easily frustrated with herself, a perfectionist, a people pleaser...I heard the message loud and clear. 

Chill the f*ck out.

I immediately made a sloth pendant. To remind me to be more patient.  To relax.

But even if sloth isn't your spirit animal, he's a great little reminder to take it slow and steady.

Sterling silver pendant measures about 1" wide on a 16" chain.