2020 Teaching Schedule (*more dates/venues to be added!)

"What Lies Within" Locket class 

February 3rd 2020, 9 am - 4:30 pm, Tucson AZ at Vivi Magoo  SOLD OUT

"Scent-imental Vessel" Etched Hollow Vessel 

February 4th 2020, 9 am - 4:30 pm , Tucson AZ at Vivi Magoo . Only a few spots left!


"You Spin Me Right Round" Kinetic Pinwheel Earrings .

February 5th 2020, 9 am - 4:30 pm Tucson AZ at Vivi Magoo  Registration Open


Private Lessons

I offer private lessons in my studio overlooking the river in central Vermont!  My studio is small, so private lessons are limited to 1 to 2 students at a time. You'll be using the same tools, equipment and techniques that I use in my own work.vvWe will work together to come up with a topic or project to work on depending on what you're hoping to accomplish. 

Group Workshops

Group workshops can also be accommodated for 3 or more students.  Participants would agree on a particular project, with all students working within the same general theme or class.  

The Wear Your Love Experience

The Wear Your Love experience was born out of a desire to help others experience the catharsis that comes from creating something with your own two hands and heart- imbuing it with your love and emotion.

This is not a jewelry making workshop.  This isn't a class.  It's an acknowledgement of your emotions.  It's space for you to feel them, honor them, and create a vessel to carry your cherished memories.  For more information on the experience, please contact me.