Uncommon Scents- Brass Quilted Flower Aromatherapy Pendant

brass Aromatherapy quilt
Uncommon Scents- Brass Quilted Flower Aromatherapy Pendant

I've been riddled with anxiety my whole life.  I acutely remember my first panic attack.  Age 10. On a trip to England with my whole family, and I was so excited to ride a ferry and see a play!  And a castle!  And the biggest toy store in London!

Then anxious thoughts began to creep in...I started to think - in the blink of an eye, the trip would be done.  Another blink, and I'd be 16, like my big brother: More independent, able to drive.  Two more blinks, 18 and moving away, off to college.  Blink times five and I'm and adult, my parents are grey, everything's changed.  The thoughts continued to race, tripping over themselves, bringing me to the One Thing.  The Big Fear.  That point- the thought of which still causes my heart to beat faster, my stomach to drop, the tears to well.  That point in my life when I become an orphan.  Like an angry wasp jabbing away, this inevitable point became my sole focus. Unable to enjoy the present in abject fear of the future.  

My mom held my hand, told me breathe.  ~ Inhale ~ Exhale ~ Repeat ~

Breathing is powerful.

During that trip, my mom wore lavender perfume.  The fragrance still calms me.

Scent is powerful.

I've recently discovered Aromatherapy.  I am fortunate to have a wonderful mentor, who ethically sources and bottles the most lovely organic essential oils.  Lauren mentions a statistic in every class:  According to the American Medical Association,  "stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness and disease."   I became interested in Aromatherapy because I like things that smell good.  I stayed because it makes me feel good.  And because it is doing real and actual good in tempering my anxiety.

I was inspired to make a pretty container for a soothing scent.  An ornament that is lovely to look at, and calming with subtle fragrance.  An amulet that makes you feel good, and grounded, and beautiful.

Beauty is powerful.

In honor of mothers.  And beauty.  

Brass pendant made to hold scent.  Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to one of four included felt pads.  Just under 7/8" on a 20" brass chain.