PRE ORDER! Monarch Butterfly Locket Sterling Silver

PRE ORDER! Monarch Butterfly Locket Sterling Silver

PLEASE NOTE- This is a pre-order listing.  The locket will be made for you and will ship when complete.  It will ship in time for December 24th, 2018

Lockets, by their very nature, are captivating.  Beautiful on the outside; the contents are a tantalizing secret known only to the wearer. And this locket- it's even more beguiling!  Presenting as a simple butterfly but containing a space inside to tuck a secret treasure.

Sterling locket with Monarch wing texture. Space inside to tuck two photos of your own, each side has a sterling containing wire for a photo and one side, a piece of glass that something more fragile could be place behind.

On a 31" mixed sterling chain with sections of textured cable, dapped bar and a section of hand drawn beaded sterling wire (reminiscent of little caterpillars!) Wing span is 3" when open, and hangs about 2" when closed.