Personalized Pet Portrait Charm 22k Gold

Personalized Pet Portrait Charm 22k Gold

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A heart of gold.  We all know what beats beneath that furry chest.  Trusting, adoring, adored. Our pets hearts are solid gold.   

Remember them with a treasure as special as they are. 

Made of 22K gold.  

18" chain in 14/20 Gold Fill

Approximately the size of a US dime

Once you purchase a piece of pet portrait jewelry, please email me several of your favorite photographs (and tell me a story or two about your pet!).  I’ll turn your photo into a simple outline and then into a stamp, which is what I will use to texture the metal with your pet’s image.  You will receive a proof of the outline before I do any work in metal, which gives you the opportunity to request any tweaks or edits.

When selecting photographs, large, clear, high resolution photos are the best, with nothing cropped out.  The biggest image you can send me!  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!