Dendritic Quartz Sterling Silver Ring

Dendritic Quartz Sterling Silver Ring

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My friend Jessica Cote (Rosy Revolver) created a challenge for herself and invited others to join in.  25 rings, 7 days.  

You can read the full details on my BLOG

But suffice to say, I met the challenge.  Well over 40 hours of labor. Bezels made and soldered for 25 gemstones. 75 tiny flower embellishments cut out, sanded, holes drilled. Countless cups of coffee and approximately a case of La croix seltzer

24 rings in 7 days.

Ring number 5 features:

Otherworldly Dendritic Quartz with two sterling leaves and a little sterling flower*.

 US Size 7.5

*To preserve the kinetic element in the flower, it is free moving and not soldered.  Care should be taken when wearing this ring (i.e. don't wear it to the gym, while gardening, while trying on clothes, etc!)