Some of the amazing feedback I've received from customers who have commissioned memorial jewelry.


What you are doing is beautiful and amazing.  Don’t ever stop. 




I received the cufflinks today.  I am speechless.  You did everything perfectly.  I wasn't sure how big or small they would be, but they are the exact right size.  I wasn't sure how much of the surface area the images would cover, but they cover the exact right area.  The engraving is gorgeous.  You really made me the most special 50th birthday gift I could hope for...I will proudly wear my Leo-engraved cufflinks.

Thanks you so much, you did a beautiful thing.



We received the necklace yesterday. It is amazing!!!!!! My wife told me it was the most thoughtful gift I have given her in our 20 plus years together. I really appreciate your efforts and will let others know about your work.

Thanks and God Bless

- Wes Jones


We got the package last night and…oh my god…we were so blown away at your care and presentation!

We opened them together and the quote in each package was so perfect and so true..we both cried. And Richard and I especially loved your thought to make a seed pod of forget me knots to plant in honor of Sadie. We will definitely do that.

They are just so perfect. We so appreciate the time and effort and thought you put into these little jewels. I am wearing it now as I write this….andI cannot describe this strange feeling of completion we feel wearing them. Even you instinct to make Richard 's chain a little longer was perfect…it falls right on his heart.

We couldn't get over how you managed to figure out how to see all three items….it's so perfect!

I guess you can tell…we LOVE them and will cherish them forever.

Thank you!

Florence and Richard


I cannot thank you enough for the comfort that you have given me. I felt completely at peace and whole again when I received the reliquary.  When I wore it, I had such a feeling of serenity and calmness. I love that Gus is always with me and close to my heart. You totally captured the essence of Gus from the picture that I gave you. I tell everyone that I can how wonderful it is and how you helped my through this difficult time in my life. Thank you again!


The reliquary was delivered yesterday and it's beyond special, Erin. It's a perfect memorial for my sweet girl.  Just the other night, another friend commented that, although she's not a dog person, she saw how special Jasmine was. It's a sentiment that's been repeated before and I always felt a sense of pride.  But I can't take credit for her personality - I just tried my best to nurture her.

 I sense that is how your dog Gonzo was for you by the specialness of this piece. You've done a wonderful thing by combining your talent and deep understanding for the human/animal connection.  

I enjoyed the process of having the reliquary made and look forward to wearing it.  Thank you so much! 



From initial contact to the delivery of the finished piece, you were compassionate and professional. You are so talented, and I feel blessed to have crossed your path. The reliquary exceeded my expectations, and it now hangs proudly from my review mirror, as my beloved dog was happiest when he was riding with me in the (his) convertible. Great communication throughout the process, and the packaging was beautiful. Thanks to you, Erin, Harrison rides again. :)



I cant say enough about Erin, AMAZING person, AMAZING jewelry, so so blessed to know her and own some of her creations, helping to heal some much broken hearts

- Candace


I presented the necklaces to my family on Christmas day - there were tears but only because the necklaces immediately brought back all our wonderful memories of Holly. Beautiful work Erin. Thank you so much.



I cannot describe in words what I felt when I saw and held this piece of art for the first time. I cherish it... and every time I admire the piece, I get the same feeling... I adore it.   It is my most favorite piece of jewelry.  It is truly a treasure and I am so grateful to have come across erin and commemorative jewelry. You did a phenomenal job!



Best piece of jewelry ever! Erin did a fantastic job of memorializing my beloved Lambchop. Excellent communication and a beautiful piece. THANK YOU!!!  



This is just an amazing piece of art. To be able to keep Phil close by is so special to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Erin-- I just picked it up and opened the box. I want to express my deep gratitude. Everything is perfect. And you packaged and presented it with such care and kindness, down to the lovely quotation. The pendant is beautiful--everything I hoped for. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful work and your understanding of the love and pain of this loss. I will cherish the piece always.



I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so, so much for doing such a beautiful job capturing the essence of Alta, my kitty, in the necklace that Jess gave me for Christmas. It's the most amazing gift! I have other artwork of her and that artist took a couple tries to get it right, but I was told you got it on the first try. It really looks just like her, I can hardly stop gushing about it!

You will definitely get word-of-mouth advertising from this happy recipient of one of your beautiful pieces.

I wish you the best of luck with growing your truly unique business. It's so awesome that you took your experience with losing a beloved pet to help others with memorializing their pets. I'm lucky enough to still have Alta, and hopefully for many more years, but when she does pass on I will already have such a wonderful way to hold her spirit close to my heart. I hope you know that what you do is much bigger than a piece of jewelry!


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful necklace you did for me for my dog Leia. 

I wear it constantly and really feel comforted by touching it and wearing it as it makes me feel closer to her.

Thank you again. 



Thank you so much for taking the time to make the beautiful reliquary piece commemorating monster. It helps me to wear it every day, so that he can always "come too" as he liked so much in life. You did a wonderful job with the piece and it feels like you knew him, from the way you put it together. 



I was very touched by my gift, it was a very special gift from my dearest friend of many years. Holly Elizabeth is very special to me and I’m so lucky to still have her. I love my necklace and every time I wear it people comment on how different it is and they are amazed that it is an actual replicate of her. 

Thank you.



When I gave Mark his gift box, he didn't seem to know what to make of it. Then he saw the word, "Emily," and he started to laugh in delight (if that's the right word). When I told him to "turn it over, turn it over," Mark nearly flipped. He kept saying, "isn't that something. It looks just like her." Mark was thrilled to say the least-He adores the key tag and his Emily. 

You have certainly helped me give unique gifts that are cherished. 

Many, many thanks. You have once again made someone very happy with one of your creations. I'm so glad I'm aware of your talent. 

-Anne DeMore


I LOVE my piece! It is truly amazing. I cried when I saw it. It's so beautiful. I feel like I have her still with me. You put so much time into your work & it shows. Your card was so kind. It truly touched my heart. I can tell you understand the pain that comes with losing a beloved pet. Your words are comforting & your necklace brings me peace. I will treasure this piece forever.

Thank you so much Erin.

With Gratitude,



My tears started rolling when I saw the box!  Erin, it is so special; I truly am so grateful that you made this for me.  It's just so meaningful and something soothing for my soul-- I just cannot say that about anything else I've ever bought.

I love having the box with his photo, and including the stamp is awesome.  That, itself, deserves a frame.

I really needed the physical reminder of his presence-- I can barely see the screen as I type this, lol.  I need windshield wipers.

Forever thanks,



I can't even begin to thank you for the WONDERFUL job you did on my friend's pendant!!  She LOVED it soooo much.  You could just see what it meant to her to have this remembrance of Olive.  Thank you for expediting this for her.  She is so comforted having this gift.  

You truly have been blessed, and your gift has brought so much to those in pain from losing their pet.

Again, thank you!



Hi Erin!

Got my pendant today and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

Thank you so much for putting your heart into making this piece.  You can definitely tell.  I was very worried that the end result wouldn’t look like him and it totally does.  You caught the expression exactly! 

Can’t wait to show it off.

Have a great day & weekend.