muse letter


Not interested in having yet another newsletter hit your inbox?  I hear ya!  I never read them either.  

But I do like to have a way to keep in touch.  I send out semi-regular notes, mostly filled with pretty pictures of the jewelry I'm designing and a glimpse into what inspires me.  There might be the occasional tale (tail?) of some crazy thing my dogs did (like when Peat ate a whole box of chocolate doughnuts). Subscribers will also get exclusive discounts and insider perks (okay that whole last sentence sounds like nothing I would ever say in real life.  But I want my followers to get some added goodies, so that's what you'll get)

And just to sweeten the deal, I'll send you a complimentary copy of PETite Prints:  A Celebration of the Love, Life, and Loss of our Pets.  Sign up below to keep in touch and download your copy.

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