~custom process~

Custom Jewelry Process 

Devastated by the sudden and unexpected death of an incredible dog, I made a reliquary-a vessel containing a bit of his hair, soil from his burial site, and fuzz from his beloved tennis ball.

The reception to this little piece of jewelry was so positive, I began making them for others.

The silver lining to losing my buddy so suddenly, was that it allowed me to discover something I am truly passionate about:  creating deeply personal and meaningful jewelry for others.

To Order:


Step 1:  Contact me 

I like to start with a conversation between the two of us about type of jewelry you are looking for.  Is this to commemorate a special pet?  Do you want something meaningful for your mother, or a gift for a best friend?  We can discuss this over phone, email or Facetime and get to know each other a little better.  I like to know your story, and keep it in my thoughts as I work on the piece.

Step 2:  Email me 

If you are interested in a pictorial pendant, you can email me a few of your favorite photographs.*  I will process a design fee and work on the outline.  Once completed, I will send it to you for approval or changes.  Then the creation begins!  *(Please keep in mind that the proof is a representation of how the image will look in metal- It won't be as detailed when it is reduced to jewelry size.)

Step 3: Follow Me

I will begin working on the piece!  I often take photos throughout the process and will post them on social media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW if the recipient is on one of these platforms, and I will wait to post photos of completed work.

Step 4: 

I will process the final payment, and then the finished piece is photographed, prettily and securely packaged and sent on it's way to you!  I will follow up with you to hear the rest of the story.


*Selecting Photographs:

When selecting photographs, large, clear, high resolution photos are the best, with nothing cropped out.  The biggest image you can send me!  

Your photograph will be rendered into a black and white outline.  From this outline I will make a stamp, which is what I will use to texture the metal.  You will receive a proof of the outline first, and this is your opportunity to request any small changes you might like me to make.