~about erin~

If your phone has more photos of your pet than your spouse,

You’re in the right place. 

I get you

The first thing people do when they hear I make pet portrait jewelry is whip out their phone and show me pictures of their animals.  

I love that. 

I live for that. 

That's what I'm about!


I started making portrait jewelry after losing a very special dog-

That day came when I couldn't quite remember the texture of his fur, or the way he smelled, or exactly what his bark sounded like, or the sound he made in anticipation of his supper.  The ache of his absence was already nearly unbearable:  This forgetting of all the nuances of his "dogness" shattered me.


Creating a piece of jewelry- something tangible- helped me feel a physical connection to his memory.


It was my dog that led me into the life of jewelry making.  But I've always loved to create.  And from the first time my parents hung one of my childhood scribbles on the fridge, I realized I also love to create art for others. 

Though this path started with my dog, I cherish the personal connections I make with people when I create jewelry for them.  Not all my customers are "dog people" but they're are all heart centered.

I call myself a "Sentimental Metalsmith" because that, to me, is the best and most literal way to describe what I do.  I have a Masters Degree in Social Work, but over the past 10 years, I've mastered a different sort of social-work: Connecting with others and creating customized, personal and one of a kind jewelry to honor life's milestones and memories. Jewelry that invites you to wear your love.