Getting to Know You


Who are you?

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the people who buy my jewelry.  My “customers”, though I don’t love that word.  You are more than "customer".  Every interaction I have with someone ordering a custom piece of jewelry, be it for their pet or spouse or bestie, I think “wow, I want to be this person’s friend”. 

The stories you tell me about your pets, the reasons my jewelry resonates with you- makes me realize we are kindred spirits.


So, who are you?

In a word- compassionate.

You always cry at weddings.  Those Facebook videos with creative proposals make you tear up.  Commercials like this one get you every time:



And don’t get me started on these two






You’re familiar with this sentence:

“Stop being so sensitive

You’ve heard it more than once. 


“You’re so emotional

Is that such a bad thing?


“Argh, why are you so touchy?”

Because.  You FEEL, with your whole heart, with your whole body.  You feel, sometimes, so much that it hurts.

Here’s who you are:  Perceptive.  Receptive.  Sentimental.  Understanding.  Feeling.  Conscious.


I have often cursed my sensitive nature.  My anxiety and emotions seem to be inexorably linked.  But in figuring out who I most like to work with, my customers-who-I-want-to-befriend, I started to see these perceived weaknesses as strengths.

Here’s who I am:  Perceptive.  Receptive.  Sentimental.  Understanding.  Feeling.  Conscious.

See what I did there?


Now hear this:

Don’t stop being you.  Be who you are.  Be sensitive.  Be sentimental.

That’s what I like about you.


I was with my mom when she bought a necklace with an old skeleton key.  It reminded her so strongly of the key to her childhood home on Yates St. that she had to have it.  “This is my mother’s key!” she said. 

Showing it to her sister, my aunt immediately responded "Is that from Yates St. ?  That’s our key!”

It resonated.

I felt compelled to buy a little locket I saw at an antique market.  Inside the ladybug wings was a small photo of a dog.  It was the photo that lured me in- someone long ago loved their dog so much they put his photo in their locket.  Not a photo of their parents or beau.  Their dog.

That locket inspired me to make a piece for my dog, Gonzo.  Gonzo has a lot of jewelry made in his honor, so when my grandmother passed away, I changed the photo inside to a photo of her as a young woman and gave the locket to my Aunt.  It made her cry.

I hear that a lot.  

“We got the package last night and…oh my god…we were so blown away at your care and presentation!   We opened them together and we both cried”

“I presented the necklaces to my family on Christmas day - there were tears but only because the necklaces immediately brought back all our wonderful memories of Holly”

“I LOVE my piece! It is truly amazing. I cried when I saw it. It's so beautiful. I feel like I have her still with me.”

“My tears started rolling when I saw the box!  Erin, it is so special; I truly am so grateful that you made this for me.  It's just so meaningful and something soothing for my soul-- I just cannot say that about anything else I've ever bought.”


I don’t simply make jewelry.  I make a connection.


So.  Who are you?  

You are someone I want to connect with.