Flippin Sweet Thaumatrope Pendants

I thought these little pendants deserved their own blog post.  Every time someone sees one in action, they are blown away.  But it's hard to convey the awesomeness in a photograph.  A video is a little better, but it's twirling one of these betwixt your fingers that you experience the magic.

These pendants are flippin' sweet.  That's all you really need to know.  But if you're curious for more, here's the story:

Inspired by childhood wonder and a bygone era, these pendants are based on a Victorian toy called a "thaumatrope".  Thaumatropes were very popular toys in the 19th century and consisted of a disk with a picture on each side, typically made of heavy paper and two pieces of string on either side.  When the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers, the two pictures appear to blend into one due to the persistence of vision.  They are important antecedents of cinematography and animation in particular.

I was wearing one with a gold fish and fish bowl and was standing in line at the grocery store.  When the cashier saw the pendant, she say "Aw, I love your goldfish necklace, that's so cute".  I spun it for her, and her eyes widened.  Her jaw dropped.

 "That's flippin' SWEET!"

And yeah.  It is!  Get yours HERE:

And you can see a video on Vimeo, shot by the talented Matthew Cananda of Control Alt Media.