Flippin Sweet Thaumatrope Pendants

I thought these little pendants deserved their own blog post.  Every time someone sees one in action, they are blown away.  But it's hard to convey the awesomeness in a photograph.  A video is a little better, but it's twirling one of these betwixt your fingers that you experience the magic.


This story was written by Jamie in honor of her beloved golden doodle, Bentley.  It is part of a new series of blog posts where I share client's stories-  Because all of us with pets know the pain of their passing.  And in sharing, we realise we are not alone. 

Published here with their consent.  Please contact me if you would like to share your story.

Special and meaningful.  

Getting to Know You


Who are you?

An old dog and a new ring

My dog is getting old.

I first noticed this on a run several years ago.  A light snow was falling.  My two dogs ran with me and we made 3 sets of foot prints in the snow. 

Left, right, left, right… Mine. 

Leftrightleftright.  The young buck, Arrow.

Left.  Right.  Left. Draaggg. My old man, Colby.

That streak in the snow- an early injury to his shoulder becoming evident in his step and his stride.  My first clear sign that he wasn’t a young pup anymore.

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